Based on the Wichita Cabin Coop

  • This is our standard chicken coop. It is a 5 by 10 feet coop and run. The coop is 3x5 and the run is 5x10. It has 2 nest boxes for the hens to lay. It also has 2 roosting bars or them to roost at night. There is also an extra lower roosting bar for our Silkie Roo.. It's occupants include Benedict our Silkie Rooster. Hens include: Scrambled the Buff Orpington, Omelette the White Leghorn who is the best egg layer. Then there is Pepper (it was Poached, but my son changed it to Pepper) the Golden Comet, Deviled our Black Copper Marans. Last but not least there are the Rhode Island Red sisters Over-Easy and Sunny-Side-Up. They are the aggressive two.


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