Barred Rock

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    Barred Rock chickens are usually quite. They cluck, the chirp, they make noise but people barely hear them. Hens would even make a noise to announce that the egg-laying is done but then the sound won't reach the crowd.

    Taking its origin from the United States, this breed often produces large chickens and ones who live longer than the rest. Although they can be good for meat production, they can also make good pets because they're usually very calm. When they're still chicks, they are usually very cute to play with and look at. When they grow up, they would really get big. Their breast would look aggressive and their wings taking the lower backward direction.

    The Barred Rock breed has eight colors. Their eggs look reddish brown or pinkish red and the eggs are large. One would get a clue that they will get big from their egg itself.

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