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    The Barnevelder breed of chicken is of quiet and hardy nature, popular for their dark brown eggs. The breed originated in Holland and is named after the Dutch town Barneveld. The Barnevelder chicken was developed from a number of breeds specifically the Cochin, Brahma, Croad Langshan and Malay.

    The hens have the ability to lay 3-4 eggs a week or 180-200 a year. Although this breed of chicken gained worldwide recognition and often exported to other countries because of its egg-laying abilities, the Barnevelder also yields a reasonable carcass, making it a medium heavy dual-purpose chicken. Today, these chickens are mostly in the hands of show breeders though. While famous for their eggs during the first half of the 20th century, not much attention is given on their productivity but rather on their external characteristics.

    The Barnevelder breed of chicken comes in bantam and large size, as well as in various color varieties. The most common of which is the "double-laced" characterized by two bands of dark brown coloring on the feathers. Other color varieties include partridge, white, brown, black, blue, silver, and double-laced blue.

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