Bank Barn Coop

  • Last spring I attempted to build a chicken coop. Started my project with $1000.00 worth of lumber, plywood, nails, 4x4's, screws and roofing. Got it about half done and a HUGE wind storm stole the whole thing! All that was left were a couple of 4/4's and the pile of shingles. SO! My hens now share a sixteen stall, three storey Pennsylvania bank barn with four horses. I know, it's not good for horses to live with chickens BUT the barn is so big they have practically no contact. I put chicken wire around a large box stall at the end away from the horses, added some roosts covered with foam pipe insulation, built some nests and put in a door to the outside c run and voila! The hens and rooster have a lovely home. The pipe insulation covers an old fork handle. It gives them a good, non-slip grip and keeps their tootsies warm in winter. The hens don't peck at the gray foam the way the do with styrofoam. I secured it with good old duct tape. They are happy girls and lay an average of an egg a day a piece. I think that is pretty good for a beginner.
    I will have to take more pictures this afternoon. For now I uploaded a basket of eggs from the peak production period this summer.


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