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    Australorp chickens are of Australian origin noted for their large size, moderately large and upright single comb with five distinct combs, black legs and beak, and white toenails. As of now there are two recognized colors by the Australian Poultry Standard, black and blue, though a third color, white, is recognized by the Australorp Club of Australia. In 1929, it was officially recognized by the American Poultry Association, but is found in only one variety - black.

    The Australorp is a hardy yet docile breed of chicken that has an ability to lay an average of 250 light-brown eggs per year. The breed made history in 1923 when six Australorp hens set a world record of 1857 eggs (average of 309.5 per hen) in a 365 consecutive day trial.

    Australorps were born out of the Black Orpington chickens of William Cook and Joseph Partington imported to Australia between 1890 and 1900. The Black Orpingtons were used together with out-crossings of Minorca, White Leghorn and Langshan blood to result into what were called then as Australian Black Orpingtons (Austral-orp).

    Like many other breeds of chicken, the Australorp also comes in both standard and bantam size. In standard size, males weigh around 8.5 lbs while females around 6.5 lbs.

Recent Reviews

  1. goat_and_chicken_chick
    I have had six australorps for a year now. They are very docile but I heard and have witnessed that brooding has been completely bred out of them nor are they ornamental. The hens are around 8 pounds and the rooster is 10-12 pounds.
  2. VIVI
    "Aussies are sometimes over shadowed by their..."
    Pros - Lovely bird with fluff, green sheen.
    Cons - Can be overly broody
    As people become more familiar with this breed one must remember this. The Aussies can and are as majestic as their friends across the pond. The breed was bred into a more utility bird not as much fluff, as we see today.
    Aussies come in White, Black, Blue, and splash. They are very gentle birds that are great mothers.
  3. oakwood
    "Excellent all round breed ."
    Pros - Dual purpose breed lay good size eggs with a plum coloured blush
    Cons - None
    She lays lovely brown eggs with a plum coloured blush .
    This breed is quiet popular in the UK with dual purpose poultry keepers .


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