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    The Araucana, called South American Rumpless in the United States, is a unique breed of chicken often a topic of controversy from the moment it first arrived in the country. Bred primarily for their unique blue eggs, there's not very much that is known about this particular breed except that it was imported from Chile sometime around late 1920s or early 1930s. A ddual purpose breed of chicken with a well-fleshed carcass, the Araucana comes in medium to large size with the ability for the hens to lay a good layer of medium-sized eggs.

    Historical records show that the Araucana chickens were said to be first bred by the Araucanian Indians of Chile, hence its name. A hybrid of two South American breeds, Collonca and Quetro, the Araucana has two distinguishing characteristics - rumpless, as in no tailhead, and tufts of feather protruding from each side of its neck.

    The Araucana is often confused with the Ameraucana which also lays blue eggs yet a tailed and larger breed of chicken.


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