Aquabarrel BioPod

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    Turn your kitchen scraps and other food waste into a better chicken feed in just days.

    Aquabarrel offers you the chance to really reduce the amount of
    garbage you are sending to the landfill. The BioPod Plus uses Soldier
    Grubs to consume your table scraps.

    You can even set one up to take care of pet waste.




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    BioPod Plus, Soldier Grub Composter

    While many compost bins can take 6-12 months to break down their
    contents, the BioPod Plus - Soldier Grub Composter, can eliminate most
    of your food scraps in as little as 24-36 hours.
    Like composting and vermiculture, the BioPod
    Plus uses beneficial grubs to digest and decompose your kitchen waste,
    while producing valuable finished products.
    View the complete 1Mb BioPod Plus Manual as a .pdf file Order yours now - grubs not included.

Recent Reviews

  1. MuddyHillFarm
    "Dump in dead animals, left over food just..."
    Pros - Chicken feed is expensive - this is CHEAP
    Cons - Making sure I can find a good supply of stuff to put in the BioPod for the grubs to eat. Only works in summer months where I am - too cold for the grubs.
    Very cool to see the chickens go after the grubs as they exit this contraption.

    I was a bit afraid of putting dead animals / road kill / or left overs from field dressing the deer in the chicken yard for fear of not knowing what condition the food source was in. BUT with the grubs eating the carcass the chickens are removed from direct contact with that 'unknown' food source.


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