April's Chicken House

  • My chicken coop is pretty cute. I put vinyl flooring down for easier clean-up (I couldn't afford a concrete floor and I was tired of the mess of a dirt floor). I has two windows for a cross breeze. All areas of uninvited varmit entries are covered with chicken wire (the windows and overhang). I have a four-hole nest box, but the girls really only like one of them. I have a good sized run/yard and after losing a fav chicken to a hawk, I now have netting over the whole area. This spring, I lost most of my girls to a raccoon. At the moment I have 4 Cinnamon Queens - 1 year old, 2 Easter Eggers 4 months old, a white Turkey 4 months old and a little Serama Rooster about 1 year old. I plan to get a Serama Hen for my Roo and more egg layers by the end of this Summer.


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