Any suggestions

  • Im looking for suggestions for my coop for improvements


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    Looks like you have a nice frame and sturdy floor. Have you thought of raising the coop a couple feet off of the ground. If you do that you can get a nice area under the coop for the flock to enjoy adding more run room and protection from the weather . Mine like getting under the coop on hot days also.
  2. Rancher96
    For the exterior of the coops, maybe have vertical columns running on the tops amd bottom for chicken wire to be more tight than it currently is. If you wanted, it could be taller too on the outside so they could stretch their wings and fly onto roosts. The inside looks really nice though, real good setup!
  3. ShugaCookie
    The next improvement I want to make on my coop is a watering system. I've been watching youtube videos on how to make them.
  4. mpgo4th
    Very nice. I love the nesting box setup.