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    Ancona, a Mediterranean breed of chicken best known for its large white eggs, originated in Marches, a city near Ancona, Italy. Originally called Marchegiana in Italy, they were renamed after the sea port of Ancona by the time they were exported to England in mid 19th century. They are closely feathered, a distinct characteristic for all Mediterranean breeds.

    Known to be hardy fowls and an economical layer, the Ancona breed thrives in both high and low temperature, and lays an average of 250 - 300 eggs per year.

    Character traits of this breed include medium-sized combs, and a black plumage with white "V" markings on the end of the feathers and a beetle green tint. It has four toes on each foot and yellow mottled with black featherless legs with no crest. A standard Ancona male weighs around six pounds, while the hens are around four and a half pounds. Ancona breed comes as a bantam variety as well.


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