• Our coop itself is about 3'x7' and is enclosed in a 8'x16' covered run. In the coop - there is a round window by the perch area - that the girls tends to look out of in the evening or during winter when they head in to warm up. The window faces our house - so we can see them perching from the house at night. In the run there are logs and branches for the girls to jump up on or to perch.

    The girls are in the coop/run during week days when we are at work and locked in at night to protect them from perdators, they have free run of the fenced back yard on weekends and evenings when we are home to be sure they are safe.

    Next to their run is a 8'x16' chicken garden; which we planted for them. They love the buckwheat & it's cute to watch them jump for their treats. They also have oats, cherry & grape tomatoes, clover, and alfalfa to graze on when they are not out in the yard picking through the grass. I think it's nice for them to have a place to go and have snacks without getting "shooed" from our 'people' garden.

    Next year I would like to screen in the chicken garden (with hardware cloth) to allow them full access to the garden from their run during the day, while still being protected from predators that live in the woods at the end of the street.


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  1. AuroraHawk
    Nice! You have put a lot of thought, effort and love into your chickens!
  2. deejay
    Wow! I wouldn't mind being a chicken in your set up.
  3. AmyR
    My husband built this coop with a 'Noah's Arc' theme in mind for the shape of the coop itself. :) We have a sand floor inside and out, and cleaning after the girls is easy to keep up on with a kitty litter scoop, a bucket, and my compost bin. I swap out the sand 2-3 times per year - sweeping all sand from the coop into the run; doing a full cleaning/disinfecting of the coop, then adding frsh sand. We ran electric to the coop so we have little LED lights on a dusk to dawn timer. In the winter months the heated waterer base is plugged in; I also have a seedling mat in the coop on the floor - which heats the sand to about 10-20 degrees above ambient temperature. So, at least when it is near zero outside, the coop is a bit warmer for them to take the chill off.