Amber White

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    The Amber White Chickens have been created as a hybrid for the purpose of egg production. A cross breed between a Rhode Island White breed and a Rhode Island Red, these chickens are very calm.

    What's noticeable about them is their adaptability and livability. They can live really long as well as adapt with other breeds. They're social as well so it's better to keep them with others. But some breeders say it's not good to keep them long for egg-laying because they can get burn out. With four toes, their legs look yellowish. They look like they're good for meat production but don't be deceived because although the main purpose for this breed is egg-laying, they are great source of meat too.

    Many say their eggs are really beautifully colored with brown. Aside from that, the placement of feathers for this breed consistently looks beautiful that's why a lot want to keep them.

Recent Reviews

  1. chickenlover4315
    "it is a good chicken"
    Pros - It was white; not black.
    Cons - It makes to much noise. I can't sleep when it is in the bed with me.
    It is such a good chicken. The review was right. It is eggcellent.


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