Amber Star Hybrid

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    The Amber Star chickens are good to be kept as pets. They can be very comfortable with people, though they can be flighty as well. Because they're flighty, they can get annoyed when people try to pick them up. To play with them is to run with them and watch them keep flying. It would seem as if their only goal is to fly off a fence.

    Amber Stars are a superstar in egg-laying. At most, they can lay eggs for up to 300 a year. But they say that on the first year of egg-laying, this breed can lay eggs for up to 320 eggs. Some breeders have been able to witness extra large egg sizes that weighed in at 139g.

    A hybrid chicken based from Rhode Island Red, the Amber Stars have soft feathering. Perfect in egg-laying, this breed is a good and worthy keep. Add to that its being playful and friendly, this breed would definitely be a chicken for keeps.


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