• This A-frame was made entirely from scrap materials and left over fencing that I had lying around. The only thing new is the screws to put it together and the tarp on it. It is currently housing 10 Silver Spangled Hamburgs.

    It has two 14' 4x4s down the side and 8' 2 x 4s at the ends. The sides are 8' 2x4s for a 6' center height. Originally, the nesting area was solid floor the whole 7' length, but I reduced it to a 2' nesting area and 5' roosting area. The birds seem to prefer sleeping on roosts instead of flat nesting areas. Access is by a 2x4 ramp with apple limb rungs. Don't need it, though, as they often fly up to the end from the ground.

    It takes a lawn tractor to move this, but it can be done. The chickens are on new pasture at the moment. The plan is to move this weekly next spring. I also have a more conventional coop for my bigger chickens. Basically, I'm penning them where I want to put my garden next year. I will till under the winter's compost and see what comes up when I plant.


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