Save Money on Chicken Supplies at your local dollar store!

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    Raising chickens can get expensive at times, especially when a supply run is necessary. With the plethora of items you go through on a regular basis combined with the medical supplies you should be stocking, the dollars you spend on your chickens can add up quickly. Lots of things we buy are specialized and chicken specific, thus requiring they be bought from outlets that cater to those needs.

    However, this is not true of all supplies. Many of the items we use can be bought at big box stores, and those very same items can often be bought for even less at 'variety' outlets or 'dollar stores' such as Freds, Dollar General, Dollar Store, etc.

    To save money where and when you can, consider stopping in at your local dollar store for supplies such as those that follow:

    1. Cleaning supplies, such as distilled white vinegar, sponges, rubber gloves, etc. can often be found at dollar stores for less expense than at larger stores. Vinegar is great for coop cleaning as it kills all sorts of unsavory things and is not harmful to you or your chickens, whereas bleach can mix with ammonia in chicken droppings and create harmful fumes.


    2. Epsom salts are essential for soaking egg bound hens and should be kept on hand at all times, so stock up at the dollar store!

    3. Baby aspirin, which can be dissolved in water and diluted for pain relief, are great to have should you ever need them and can be found at dollar stores everywhere.

    4. Generic Pedialyte is useful when it comes to getting electrolytes into ailing chickens. It is also less expensive at the dollar store than the name brand sold at big box stores.

    5. First aid supplies, such as triple antibiotic ointment, cotton balls, gauze, etc. are always on sale at the dollar store! These items and many more like them can be purchased cost effectively to stock your first aid kit for when the time comes that you need such items.


    6. Tubs, buckets, bowls, and more can be found at the dollar store. Whether it is a tub for bathing, a bucket for transporting food, or a bowl for an additional water source in the yard, scoop them up inexpensively and put them to good use!


    Big box stores may provide a lot of convenience and savings, but if you consider all variety/dollar stores have to offer, you may find that it is in your best interests to shop there as well. In years past, these smaller variety stores may have been out of the way and less logical to utilize, but in this day and age, they are popping up everywhere.

    It is possible that there is even a dollar store in the same parking lot as your local big box or feed store, so why not stop in and peruse the aisles? See for yourself the many types of chicken supplies on which you can save money today!

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