Raising Ducks and identifying Problems.

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  1. Kendra
    I own 5 ducks, they're such trouble makers but a joy to have. I want to grow the duck community as I have always had experience with ducks, though i'm still learning on chickens.

    ducs.jpg Ducks love water, it isn't a need but it is preferred to have just something as simple as a kiddie pool for them to swim in.

    Their are multiple breeds of ducks, the types I own are mallards, pekins, and muscovies, each of with are very common breeds.

    The pekin duck is normally used for meat which is why they're so big, they're domestic ducks so they can't fly. With pekins you also have to watch because they can gain a lot of weight and get to fat to even walk.
    The Muscovy duck is a wild and domestic breed, in my experience they don't like water to much.. they prefer eating and relaxing in the grass or entertaining themselves with some treats and bugs to eat. The Muscovy duck can fly (most drakes can only fly a very short distance since they're so big) so most people should clip one wing at least. I can't say enough good things about this duck, they are quiet and make a hissing sound, they love people and can get very attached to you, they're so dopey and funny!
    The mallard is a wild breed of duck, they're harder to tame and you have to clip both of their wings so they don't fly off. If you order or buy mallards you should receive a paper stating you bought the bird and where you bought it from, since some people suspect you could've caught one from a pond and stole it from the wild. My mallard is friendly and loves people, she quacks but she is very special to me, instead of what most ducks do with quacking (she still quacks) She squeaks and bobs her head to the ground, she loves my chickens and the other ducks and will get in any water with any chance she'll get. My mallard was a runt, so she is way smaller than the average hen, I do not recommend these birds with bigger ducks if you don't know what you're doing since they can hurt each other, I keep my small birds and big birds in separate coops to prevent any harm
    Most people don't know how to properly take care of ducks, all my ducks are rescues, my pekins I got for free off craigslist, they were in horrible shape, over weight, had bumble foot, they couldn't walk and they were NOT happy. A duck should have a diet, poultry feed for ducks is fine but including veggies and fruits is a good diet along with meal worms and crickets, along with a calcium source for your hens. To create a bond with your duck you need patience and time, raising them as ducklings is a great way to start a bond, if you buy them as adults you need to lock them up a few days (See no touch coop) I like sitting by their coop for those days and talking to them, they seem fine with it and I usually give them treats along with that. You would need to whisper and if they seem stressed at all I leave them for a bit.

    I hope this article helps people who own ducks, feel free to correct me!

    This was my hen Muscovy Marshmallow, she had gotten bitten through the neck by a fox and has healed great since. All photos but the muscovy (reading about the muscovy), mallard, and pekin are mine.

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