DIY Easy Chicken Waterer

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    Chickens, delicious as they are, can be messy little creatures. If you use a standard waterer with an open bowl area, you are likely no stranger to the disgusting things chickens can do to their water. This means multiple daily cleanings for you to ensure the waterer stays not only clean but also full. In addition to being messy, chickens are not the daintiest of drinkers and tend to spill.

    Chicken nipples are an excellent and clean way to provide water. However, they must be strategically placed in order to get the job done. You cannot just toss some chicken nipples into your coop and call it a day; they are merely a means to get the water from a storage tank into the chicken. This means you will need a storage tank! The good news is, you can make one cheaply and easily.

    To get started, you are going to need a five gallon bucket with a lid. This is going to be your water tank from which the chickens will drink via the chicken nipples. The bucket will hold the water and the lid will keep it clean and free of the ever-present chicken poop that is plentiful where chickens reside. Even if one of your especially crafty birds decides to roost atop this bucket, the lid will rain on that chicken\'s parade by not allowing that chicken to rain down chicken poop in the water. Win for everyone!

    Take your five gallon bucket and flip it upside down, then select four locations on the bottom where you would like to place your chicken nipples. Ideally they will be spaced equally far apart rather than bunched together so several chickens can utilize them at once. Once you have selected the locations you wish to use, mark them with a marker and get ready to drill!

    An 11/32 drill bit is needed to create an appropriately sized hole for this project. Drill your holes and wipe away any resulting debris, then screw your chicken nipples into the newly created holes. You can wrap your chicken nipples with Teflon if you notice any leakage but this is not usually a problem if you used the size drill bit that corresponds to your chicken nipples. All that is left to do is hang it at an appropriate height to make drinking easy for your chickens. Hanging at the height of their heads is ideal.

    Before you leave your chickens to enjoy their new waterer, be sure they know how to use it. Chickens are not the most intuitive of creatures so a brief tutorial is necessary to make sure they understand and appreciate the awesome new waterer you built for them. Undoubtedly your efforts will amaze and astound them, but if you would prefer to avoid having your chickens know how crafty and capable you truly are, you can always buy one here.


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