Chinese Chicken Outrage

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    Get Ready To Eat Bad Chicken

    I have read of China lobbying to get USDA approval to import their Chinese grown and processed chickens to America. This is bad but do not take my word for it. Just read this quote from Long Island to see why this would put our entire country at risk.

    China has been home to a number of serious food safety concerns. In March, thousands of dead pigs were found floating in a river in China that supplies drinking water. The incident occurred after a large crackdown on people selling diseased pigs.

    I don't know what your feeling is, but this is disgusting and unacceptable. Now here is the infuriating question. Why would the USDA even seriously consider this. All I know is this is not going to end well. Someone somewhere has been compromised. If that chicken gets served in America, it is going to be a disaster.

    The American people know our economic system is under attack from the Chinese. The average American knows change is needed but has no idea where to start. I think this is a good place to start. If an American company wanted to export food to other countries with a track record like the Chinese, they would receive an immediate and resounding denial. What do you think is going to happen when Americans come in contact with bad chicken and report after report goes to Congress of Americans getting sick. Someone is going to be culpable for a disaster like this and fingers are going to be on the USDA and anyone involved.

    The Track Record Is Not Good

    Am I overreacting? Am I being overprotective? I answer yes to both but just consider this fact from Long Island below:

    Since 2007, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has logged over 2,000 complaints about dogs becoming sick or having died from chicken-jerky dog treats made in China.


    Yes this is an animal that eat's its own bacteria laden feces. This Chinese processed chicken jerky clearly had more bacteria than dog feces. And this could have been served to your dog. I have a feeling that the outrage of an all out assault on the diet of America's dogs is enough to fuel the American public to wakeup, contact their Congressman and put the screws on the USDA.

    The Future Of Chicken

    While nothing is worth threatening the health of this country, one good thing may come from this. Every home chicken hobbyist and organic chicken farm can begin pointing out what you are getting from processed store chicken. All the small or hobby chicken farmer needs to do is begin tallying the violations of Chinese made food products. In the age of social media this should not be hard to do. Maybe this is the fuel that will get Americans to realize big mass produced chicken products are not worth the risk and to question the origin of where our chicken is coming from.

    I know one thing, I am going to begin researching where my chicken is raised and processed.

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