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    Chicken has been in the news a lot lately. In fact, it has been in the news far too much for all the wrong reasons. Contamination by cockroaches and anti-biotic resistant salmonella are just a couple of things that come to mind. These events are scary and troublesome and have resulted in recalls. While it is great that companies do take steps to recall tainted items, a recall is only as good as its reach. Not only do people need to have not already consumed the recalled products, but they also need to be made aware of the recall in the first place, and sometimes that does not happen.

    While I tend to be a regular follower of news and mainstream media, most of the recall information I come across is thanks to friends and family. Take for example the dog food recalls that have hit hard in recent years. Yes, that was reported in the news and the information was readily available, but even then I heard it from a friend first. That is alarming considering that I watch at least some kind of television news on a daily basis and always skim at least a couple of news websites. So while the information is out there, it is tough not to wonder if it is being spread in the right places.

    Granted, dog food recalls affect a smaller segment of the population than other recalls. Dog owners probably number far less than chicken consumers. Thus, a tainted chicken recall should make news far and wide even if a dog food recall did not. Even so, the first place I saw news of the recent Foster Farms and Tyson recalls were on social media. If not for Facebook posts, it would have taken a couple days longer for this news to reach me. A lot can happen in a couple days.


    Should you not live in much of a computer age and get the occasional news tidbit from Facebook friends, how are you to find out about recent issues that could affect you? As news trickles slowly through outlets, it may take us time to notice what that news is and from where it is coming. Sometimes we get busy and don't follow what is going on around us as closely as we should, to our own detriment. It is time for us to make a resolution to stop that; if we do not look out for ourselves, no one else will.

    To keep yourself current on chicken contamination and other issues that could affect you, bookmark this page and visit it often. By keeping an eye on this page, you will have access to data on active USDA recall cases. This ensures that, if the media moves too slowly or you forget to check the news on a given day, you will still have access to pertinent information. Many of us raise chickens, but not all of us eat our own, which means we are still at risk should we buy tainted meat, so do yourself and your family a favor and stay aware.

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