Chick Days are Here!

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    It is that time of year again, the time when chicks are hatching and peeps are being heard coming from nesting and coop areas. It is a sweet, promising sound, that of young chicks chattering about. One place where this can be easily heard is at your local Tractor Supply Co. as "Chick Days" are here. The chicks at Tractor Supply, or anywhere else for that matter, are hard to resist. Even when I can't or don't need to bring any home, I am unable to resist the urge to at least go look at the chicks that are available. The fuzziness sucks me right in and I could watch them for hours.


    In addition to the chicks (as well as ducklings and goslings) for sale during Chick Days, there is some good information available at the same time. Tractor Supply seems very willing to educate first time chicken owners in hopes of fostering a long, healthy relationship with people and the members of their flocks. On the Tractor Supply website you can find care tips as well as a chart giving information on different breeds and their egg laying capabilities, egg characteristics, hardiness, and more. Feeding guides are also available on the site to assist those in need.


    There are a lot of ways to acquire chicks. Hatching your own is possible if you already have laying hens and a rooster as is ordering online and having chicks shipped to your home. In the coming months, many more feed stores other than just Tractor Supply will be offering chicks as Easter nears. Many of those chicks will unfortunately be sold as novelty items to clueless consumers, but perhaps there is hope that they will not stay clueless for long. With access to information and knowledge being easily accessible, it is possible that those chicks will wind up in great homes even if they do get off to a bit of a bumpy start. There are definitely avenues for learning available if individuals wish to take them!


    What about you? Will you be visiting the Chick Days event or staying away to avoid bringing any extra animals home? If avoidance is part of your plan, it is totally understandable as chicks are a tempting acquisition. Don't let that stop you from perusing the information available as well as the deals on supplies that are available this time of year. You can do your browsing safely from afar through online viewing, unless you cannot help yourself and just have to go into the store and get a quick peek at all those fuzzy little chicks!


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