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  1. What To Expect With Backyard Chickens

    Thinking about getting backyard chickens?

    I'm sure you have done the research on breeds, care, feeding, and housing. You probably know more about chickens that you ever thought you would. Here are some things that you might not know.

    Chickens have huge personalities. Each hen is a bit different than her flock mates and while they may have similarities, no two birds are alike.
    Chickens are entertaining to watch. I chuckle every time I see them run across the yard, with their little heads...
  2. How We Introduced Our Backyard Chicks To The Family Dog

    This is our second year having backyard chickens. We live in a city, and can only have four chickens (we have five, but our neighbors don't mind). We also have a dog, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi, named Khaleesi. Corgis are herding dogs and they love to chase, so we were a bit nervous about how having a dog and chickens in the same yard would work out, but it has worked out wonderfully!

    I'll tell you what worked for us, but our methods might not work for everyone. Your dog may be completely...