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  1. The Cheery Chicks CK3 Giveaway!

    Leonard of Cheery Chicks has donated a CK3 waterer to be given away to one lucky winner here on ChickenForum and it could be you!

    Entry is simple, just make sure you have at least 10 posts then post to this thread.

    This is the top prize avaible as far as waterers are concerned, so get entered now for your chance at winning!

    Thanks go out to Cheery Chicks and their generosity. All items for giveaways are...
  2. Enter The Cheery Chicks Giveaway! has donated one if their CK2 waterers to be given away here on Chicken Forum and it's time to get entered!

    Follow this link now for complete rules and entry:

    I personally own one of these watering systems and love it. As you can see from the photo above mine is well used and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a watering system for their flock.
  3. Have you entered the Grandpa's Feeders Giveaway?

    The Grandpa\'s Feeders Giveaway is coming to an end soon and I want to make sure you\'ve entered. With the ability to keep your chickens fed and predators and scavengers out, this system should be in all chicken owner\'s setups.
    Follow this link now to make sure you have entered.

    Don\'t delay! We stop accepting entries the night of March 18th.

    From everyone at Grandpa\'s Feeders and ChickenForum we wish you luck!
  4. Grandpa's Feeders Giveaway!

    Grandpa's Feeders has donated one of their fantastic standard feeders to be given away here on Chicken Forum, and I want you to sign up.
    There are many ways to join and entry is quick and easy. For complete rules of entry, and to get entered please follow this link:

    Be sure to visit to see their entire selection. Thanks to Grandpa's Feeders for this great donation, and from everyone at...
  5. Cheery Chicks January Photo of the Month!

    CheeryChicks has donated their Package 1 to be given to the winner of the January photo of the month and now is your time to enter!
    By submitting your photo to the photo of the month thread you are automatically entered into the running to win this great prize and start your New Year with a great watering system from one the most reputable business in the chicken industry.

    To enter, please follow this link and submit your original photo. At the end of the month the thread will be closed and...
  6. Rose-Colored Chicken Glasses

    Many moons ago it was thought that chickens incorrectly needed to be outfitted with rose-colored glasses. The reason for this was to prevent chicken cannibalism, as the sight of blood on a chicken caused a violent, aggressive reaction in other chickens who saw that blood. In response to seeing blood, other chickens would peck at the bleeding chicken, often until dead, which caused a large casualty rate amongst flocks. Because of this, farmers sought to prevent chickens from being able to see...
  7. Raising Mealworms

    When it comes to feeding chickens and keeping them healthy, you want to feed items that are both delicious and nutritious. Options for feeding chickens in the form of both regular meals as well as treats are plentiful, but having an option that is self-renewing is both convenient and easy on the bank account. Being low maintenance is also a plus. One edible item that meets all of these criteria is meal worms.

    Mealworms are the larval form of Tenebrio molitor, a species of darkling beetle,...
  8. Chinese Chicken Outrage

    Get Ready To Eat Bad Chicken

    I have read of China lobbying to get USDA approval to import their Chinese grown and processed chickens to America. This is bad but do not take my word for it. Just read this quote from Long Island to see why this would put our entire country at risk.

    China has been home to a number of serious food safety concerns. In March, thousands of dead pigs were found floating in a river in China that supplies drinking water. The incident occurred after a large...
  9. Chicken Breeds Part Two: Rare Birds

    In my last article about chicken breeds, I highlighted some rare and common breeds, but with part two of this piece, this is a good time to shine light on some chickens you may have heard of before. These are chickens that are sold on the market, or are found in other countries. And because of their rare stature in North America, they may not make the best meat sources, since they can be fairly expensive on the market. Instead, they would make good trophy and pet birds rather than as your...
  10. Photo of the Month now Sponsored by CheeryChicks!

    I'm happy to announce that now sponsors our Photo of the Month contest. Each month CheeryChicks will select a prize to be given away from their product line and the selected winner will have it shipped direct to them. That's right guys, free chicken products for snapping some pics. Make sure to join each month for your chance at winning that month's prize!

    This month they are offering their CK2 waterer for the winner.This 3.5 gallon pail with the standard "EZ Access Lid"...
  11. Incubator Warehouse Giveaway!

    The fine folks over at Incubator Warehouse have donated three great prizes to be given away here on ChickenForum. Up for grabs is an egg-o-meter for monitoring temperatures in your incubator, and a couple of Incu-Bright Cool Light Egg Candlers to check on those developing eggs! Please follow this link for complete rules of entry and to join.