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  1. Brooding Chicks

    Brooding Chicks
    Whether you order chicks from a hatchery, purchase from a breeder, or incubate yourself , you need to have a home for your new chicks to keep them safe , warm, and fed. In this handout you will learn the basic brooding requirements and procedures to keep your new chicks healthy.

    The Brooder

    People brood their new chicks in all kinds of containers. Old rabbit cages, altered tote bins, and purchased specialized brooders are just some of those ways. When brooding chicks, you...
  2. Incubating Chicken Eggs

    Obtaining Hatching Eggs
    Fertile eggs can usually be obtained from hatcheries, poultry breeders, E-bay, Craigslist, and other sources. You can look online or in the yellow pages of your phone directory for names of hatcheries and poultry breeders. If possible pick up fertile eggs instead of having them shipped. Many things can go wrong when eggs are shipped, such as x-rays, rough handling, over heating or under heating, etc. All these factors can play a roll in whether a fertile egg will...