5 More Ways the Chicken Egg Can Amaze!

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    In the past we delved into malformed eggs and the reasons behind them, but believe it or not, strange eggs do not end there! Being misshapen is only one of the ways in which an egg can present as unusual and there are plenty more to discuss along with the various reasons why such oddities might occur. In fact, there are several more ways in which a chicken egg can amaze!

    It is a well-known fact that sometimes a hen has to try a time or two to get the egg laying process down pat. As pullets mature, their reproductive system sometimes has to sputter a little bit before it is able to begin working like a well-oiled machine. As a result, we see some strange eggs along the way. Some will have weird shapes and may even be soft, and some will be even more impressive with their bizarreness.

    Strange eggs and shell qualities may exist in many forms as well in addition to being of odd shape of double yolked. Some examples of this are caused by an immature shell gland and include the following:

    1. Have you ever been getting ready for breakfast and cracked an egg just to find another egg? Occasionally an egg in the making will take a wrong turn and encounter yet another egg, becoming part of it, complete with a new albumen and shell in the process.

    Photo: Coastal Digest

    2. Eggs with clusters of small round bumps that resemble pimples are generally due to excess calcium. Since that calcium has nowhere to go and nothing else to do, being more than the body needs or can use, it causes additional shell growth on the egg.

    Photo: Backyard Chickens

    3. Wrinkled shells are due to too much pressure and actually crack, but are then repaired while still inside the bird. The wrinkles you see are fusions where the egg is fixed.
    Photo: Backyard Chickens

    4. In your egg eating experience, you may have seen double or even triple eggs. While this is not very typical it does happen, as does another something that might surprise you when you crack open an egg, that being no yolk at all! These eggs have some interesting nicknames such as wind eggs, rooster eggs, or dwarf eggs, and sometimes happen in birds that are only beginning to lay. They can also occur when tissue breaks free and the reproductive system is tricked into believing it is an egg and makes a shell around it.

    Photo: New Life on a Homestead

    5. Eggs that have one side with a flat appearance look this way due to spending too much time in a fixed position, such as in the shell gland. As they are held in position, one side becomes flat and begins to bear wrinkles in some cases.

    Photo: A Homegrown Journal

    While these eggs may strike you as weird, bizarre, or even gross, they all have one thing in common, that being that they give us a window into the amazing reproductive system of our chickens. Just like the human body gets out of whack sometimes, so, too, does that of a chicken. While we may not always get a visual of the strange feats our own bodies attempt, we can see those of our chickens, and they are not things by which we should be repulsed but instead things from which we should learn. Chickens are an amazing animal, and if you watch long enough, they most definitely will prove it with their interesting eggs!

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