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Egg Laying

White Faced Black Spanish chickens are considered to be the oldest among the fowl breeds in the Mediterranean class. Records from Britain says that they've been spotted in the year 1572. The breed came from Spain that's why it has Spanish in its name. It was then imported to the USA.

It's called White Faced because of its distinct white color in its face while the rest of its body is in dark colors. They have black plumage that looks really glossy and totally opposite to the ones with fluffy feathers. This one appears strong with its earlobes hanging low which are found to be overdeveloped. With a single comb, the White Faced Black Spanish breed has four toes. The crown also adds up to its strong look standing straight on top of the chicken's head.

When it comes to egg-laying, this breed can produce eggs with to total of 150 to 180 every year. Quite more eggs than the fluffy ones.

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