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Showgirls are consistent with their name. As birds, they really look like showgirls flaunting their sexy naked neck and their fluffy white feather all over their body. They were a crown-like white feather on their head which makes them look more like real performers when humans.

A combination of two breeds Silkie and Turken, this is now the result. Their sizes are similar of the bantams and the male contemporary is also called a showgirl. A breed that they say is usually friendly and tamed, the five-toe breed has black skin. This black skin can be seen through its naked neck. Some though have feathers on their neck.

The egg of this loving breed is cream to brownish color which is very similar to the ones of Silkie. They look beautiful to look at and can be a very good choice for ornament or pet. Despite the fact that they can't dance because they're just chickens, their sight is enough to be entertained.

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