Olive Egger

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Olive Egger - killingart - olive-egger-242.jpg
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Olive Egger chickens are also a result of crossbreed. They're a result of mixing the blue egg layers and the dark brown egg layers. It's a crossbreed of Ameraucana and Marans. Their egg colors vary from one shade to another. They have green, olive green, deep olive and dark mossy green, and even khaki color. 

The size of these eggs are big. Some of their eggs have spots in the shell. So don't be surprised at all because it's natural. These spots appear mostly in brownish green eggs.

The Olive Egger chicks are cute. They look like ordinary flying birds when little. As they grow up, their looks become different. They have proud breasts facing onwards, their necks are not long. Their feathers are not long and they stick to their bodies as well. They don't have tails that significantly define their look. 

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  • olive eggers

    Who has them and are they turning out like you hoped, I cant keep them, i keep them till they start laying and sell them for $15 each, sold $300 worth last sunday. shair your stories and pics

  • Olive Eggers

    I was wondering if anyone new a pure blooded chicken breed that layed an olive colored egg. And if not, a mix that lays an olive colored egg that does good in the heat, clean legged, and has a single

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