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Minorca is a breed of chicken that originated in Spain and was developed in England from the imported Castilian fowl of Spain. The American Poultry Association classified it as a Mediterranean class. The Minorca breed has a variety of colors which includes beige, black, and white, though the British recognized another color - blue phase. 

What sets the Minorca part from other breeds is its large white ear patch much like the White Faced Black Spanish, though both are from the same class. These chickens mature fast and tend to be very flighty, but it can be trained if handled thoroughly while still chicks. The Minorca is the largest breed among the chickens in the Mediterranean class. The rooster weighs approximately 9 pounds and the hen weighs about 7 1/2 pounds. Minorca chickens are good source of egg and meat, much like the Leghorns.

Another variety of Minorca is the Blue Andalusian, noted for its equally large-sized comb. That distinct characteristic makes it difficult to breed in the US and Canada where comb frostbite is very prominent.

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