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Malay is a breed of chicken that originated in Asia, specifically the northern part of Pakistan. Cousin to the Aseel breed, these chickens are commonly found in the rural areas and villages in Asia, garnering its moniker “Kampung” which means “village" in Malay. While in Borneo, Sabah, Sarawak and Brunei, the Malay chicken is called as “Sigun”, and in the north-west Pakistan, it is referred to as “Sadalay”, meaning gentle giants. 

Because of its upright stance and a well-muscled form complemented by a large skull and a strong expression, the Malay chicken is classified as a game fowl breed, often seen in cock fights.

Malays have a tougher meat compared to any other breeds. Because of this, the meat of this particular breed is commonly boiled twice to make it tender.  Compared to how it used to be in the 1970s, Malay hens are now considered better layers with the young hen able to produce 70 to 120 eggs annually, and 30 to 55 eggs for the older hens.

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    My little Seramas are beautiful, friendly and adorable. Thier eggs are tastier than my Wyandotte eggs. I just love them. I have a pair size B and A available, and another 3 little ones just hatched

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