Hungarian Yellow

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Light Brown

Hungarian Yellow chickens are the ones we usually see in the chicken drawings. The look of this breed's rooster is very similar to the typical illustrations. Yellow and partridge are the most common colors for this breed.

Obviously, the Hungarian Yellow breed originated in Hungary. At the time of World War I, there was a threat to its existence. The Hungarian Yellow chickens were bound for extinction. But thanks to some breeders who came up with a good breeding program, this breed survived and crossed over past World War I.

The breed of Hungarian Yellow chicken is usually restless. They tend to get very wild. This means that they don't make great pets. But because they're barnyard chickens which are non-commercial, they can be used for stew pot and serve as a laying breed. They lay tan-colored eggs that are medium in size. When the hen gets older, their eggs get lighter in color.

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