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The Frizzle breed of chickenís most distinct quality is its feather. It's not like the typical feather of chicken breeds that lay flat. The frizzle's feathers curl facing outward making it look like a feather duster. It sounds funny but it's true. From its name, the hybrid looks frizzled. It's cute that is why this hybrid is considered to be an exhibition type.

Frizzle chickens trace its roots from the Pacific Rim during the 15th century. Many have tried raising them for meat production while others for egg-laying. But as time went by, they realized that this breed is mainly ornamental. They're usually for exhibit simply because they're also fun to look at with the frizzled feathers.†

It should be noted that the gene of a frizzle breed is dominant. This means that even when it gets cross-breed, the chicks are most likely to still have frizzled feathers.

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  • Frizzle

    Can anyone please tell me what kind of chicken is on my profile pic?? I have been told it's a "frizzle" any one got any ideas?

  • Frizzled cacoo

    Our knew bantam cacoo frizzled polish 2178

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    5 of 5 | August 10, 2012 at 10:54 AM Neat birds that are amazing sitters

    Pros: Friendly, Neat Looking, good broody hens

    Cons: feathers break easily

    Recommended? Yes

    I love these birds! my biggest complaint is when breeding a lot of feathering problems can come up. I had quite a few hatched with hollow feathers which makes keeping those feathers on the bird impossible. All my hens have been excellent mothers that would sit on a catch of eggs for a year if they needed.†