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The Catalana breed of was developed in Cantonia, Spain. It is classified as Mediterranean type under the Large Fowl and Bantam class. In 1902, the breed was first introduced at the World’s Fair in Madrid, Spain and was well received by Latin American countries as well as few other places in South American countries. In 1949, it was admitted to the American Poultry Association’s Standard of Perfection. 

Today, the Catalana is raised both for egg and meat production. The hens are excellent layers of medium to large sized, cream or tinted eggs. It is also noteworthy for being a hardy chicken and its tolerance of tropical climates. Its famous variety is the Buff Catalana or Catalana del Prat Lleonada which is a medium sized breed. In the standard size, the rooster weighs around 8 pounds; hens at 6 pounds, cockerel at 6.5 pounds and the pullet at 5 pounds each.

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