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Brabanter chicken breed's scientific name is Gallus galls domestics. It originated from Belgium, Netherlands. The first form of this breed went to extinction in the early part of the 20th century. In 1920, a rebirth for this breed has been seen. Although they still exist now, they are rarely found.

Very noticeable among Brabanter chickens is their mohawk-looking head. Most of them have this crown of feathers that are somewhat scattered but concentrated in the middle part of their head. It realy looks like a mohawk. Their faces usually look like geared up warriors since there is usually a red-colored flesh mounted on their face formed like a mask or protective gear during war. Calm and intelligent, this breed lay white eggs but not at a good rate.

Breeders of this chicken should be careful feeding them because they can get really fat. If the breeder lives in a cold area, this breed is a good keep because its comb and wattle are very helpful to protect them from any hassles in a cold weather.

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