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Bantam Cochins come in blue, black, golden laced, white, silver laced, partridge, buff, and splash. Breeders in Ohio are also currently working on developing other colors for exhibition or for pet purposes. This breed is mentioned to be docile and is also considered to be highly personal and full of character. Cochins are breeders' favorites. They are not just for the show but are also known to be excellent pets and even one of the friendliest breeds of chicken.

Originally bred in China, exporters have brought this breed to America and even to Britain and have been loved globally. They lay medium-sized brown eggs and are candidates to be foster moms to other breeds. However, there is a limited time for Cochin hens for laying eggs since they cannot produce egg for an extended time.

Whether you're a poultry owner or simply a pet-lover, the Bantam Cochin is advisable to keep since they are very calm, tame and very easy to handle.

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  • bantam cochin frizzled-egg laying

    my hen she only lays about 2 eggs per week is that normal for the breed or is she just not so good at laying, if you have bantam cochins how many eggs do you get from a hen per week

  • Bantam Cochin chick with tufts?

    I have been raising and hatching bantam Cochin's for years. This is the first time I've had a chick with tufts that look like Easter Eggers! Any ideas about this?

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