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The Aseel (also spelled as Asil) is the oldest known breed of game fowl originating from Pakistan and India. These slow-growing yet powerfully built chickens with "aristocratic" bearings are noted for their natural hostile disposition. They are tame in human hands, but when in confinement, they tend to fight among themselves. In 1846, it was exported to England, while the first North American Aseels were exhibited in the 1897 Indiana State Fair. The breed was officially recognized by the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection in 1981.

The hens possess strong maternal qualities, fending their eggs from threats like snakes. Though an Aseel hen is only capable of laying one to three cream or tinted eggs per year, they make excellent living incubators for a non-broody's eggs. The Aseel chickens are also popular for their ample breast meat.

An Aseel chicken has compact body covered in short, glossy pumelage. Color varieties recognized by the APA include dark, spangled, white and wheaton, and black-breasted red. Standard Aseel roosters weigh around 5 1/2 pounds while the hens weigh four pounds.

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