Tombstone Eggery

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August 23, 2012


We built this coop Feb of 2011.* It is 8 x 12, has 6 nesting boxes, 6 foot high roosts and is currently home to 8 ladies, 1 roo and 2 crazy young guineas.* They have an enclosed run that is 24 x 16.* This will be expanded in a week or so as I have 8 birds that are a week old in the house and 2 hens sitting due to hatch next Friday.
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August 26, 2012  •  08:05 PM
nice coop, I love it, I was thinking of building a wild west town, but instead I built the ones that I have but seeing yours makes me wonder if I made the right choise
August 26, 2012  •  09:02 PM
@earl THANKS! I DID build a wild west town that we call FORT CASEY (our last name) the kids have a big tree fort with a sign on it saying "Fort Casey", the garage is the marshals office, the well house is the saloon and we just put in a 5000 gal water tank thats 14 feet tall so we are going to build a 2 story "hotel" around it. I think it is more fun for me than the kids!
October 17, 2012  •  08:28 PM
that is an awesome coop. I am so jealous!
January 17, 2013  •  02:30 PM
LOVE the Avatar!! LOL! And the "coop"!! You ought to add more pictures, would love a "tour of the town"!!
February 5, 2013  •  09:31 AM
I agree with Beverly - more pics of this great setup!!
April 22, 2013  •  07:50 PM
Love your coop creativity. How fun!