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Janey McGrandle - Janey - our-yard-july17-2010-extreme-rain-then-heat-this-year-238.jpg
Janey McGrandle - Janey - our-yard-july17-2010-extreme-rain-then-heat-this-year-239.jpgJaney McGrandle - Janey - our-chicken-coup-inside-and-the-silo-inside-july-2012-001-274.jpgJaney McGrandle - Janey - our-chicken-coup-inside-and-the-silo-inside-july-2012-002-275.jpgJaney McGrandle - Janey - our-chicken-coup-inside-and-the-silo-inside-july-2012-004-276.jpgJaney McGrandle - Janey - our-chicken-coup-inside-and-the-silo-inside-july-2012-005-277.jpgJaney McGrandle - Janey - our-chicken-coup-inside-and-the-silo-inside-july-2012-278.jpgJaney McGrandle - Janey - our-chicken-coup-inside-and-the-silo-inside-july-2012-016-279.jpgJaney McGrandle - Janey - our-chicken-coup-inside-and-the-silo-inside-july-2012-280.jpgJaney McGrandle - Janey - our-chicken-coup-inside-and-the-silo-inside-july-2012-281.jpgJaney McGrandle - Janey - our-chicken-coup-inside-and-the-silo-inside-july-2012-016-282.jpgJaney McGrandle - Janey - our-chicken-coup-inside-and-the-silo-inside-july-2012-014-283.jpg
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July 4, 2012


My husband built the coup and the silo on our lot in the city , we are only allowed 3 chickens according to the by-law in Vernon British Columbia Canada.
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July 18, 2012  •  11:15 PM
The caged area is so the racoon does not get the girls, and the by-law officers said we had to have them in a chicken tractor but they had nothing in the by-law to say how big the tractor had to be so we enclosed the whole chicken yard, I can still get in there and walk around and keep it clean so all is great. Everyone is happy.
July 19, 2012  •  06:57 AM
I see you did figure out how to put pictures up
your coop is SOOOOOOO COOL!!!!!!!! I love it!! You must get quite alot of compliments on it, your girls would be pretty happy in there!!! I'm going to go look at your pictures again!!
July 19, 2012  •  05:54 PM
I would love to see inside both!
July 19, 2012  •  11:01 PM
thanks Jody I shall have more pictures once the front of the coup gets closed in.
July 19, 2012  •  11:02 PM

I shall see what I can do on pictures of the inside for you @bevie55
July 19, 2012  •  11:29 PM
Looking forward to more pictures!! will love to see the inside of the coop.
July 20, 2012  •  04:04 PM
Here are some pictures of the inside of the coup and the inside of the silo. They are not very good pictures but you can get the idea of what it is like. the coup has 2 roosts in their sleeping area they also have 4 nesting boxes. In the main front part there is shelves where we keep their treats and of course their c.d.player that plays classical music all the time. We have storage in the loft . We keep there feed and grain in bins in the main front part and we also have fans going to keep the air circulating because the windows are small.We also have cameras in the coup so we can go on the t.v. to see what they are doing and to make sure there is no racoon in there. The silo we store our hay that we feed them in the winter they go up the stairs and walk on the circle path to the tunnel and into the tunnel then pop down into the coup.The reason my husband did the silo with the tunnel is to block any cold going into the coup(the coup is fully insulated) and it looks neat. I hope every enjoys the pictures we call the coup The Coup-Da- Hilton I will try to get some better pictures if I can.
July 20, 2012  •  04:07 PM
@Jody I posted more pictures
July 20, 2012  •  04:10 PM
@bevie55 I posted more pictures and a comment
September 25, 2012  •  10:41 PM
i Love this, great idea
September 26, 2012  •  01:32 AM
@MrsRoeder2011 thanks so much