Dkiel's coop

Dkiel's coop - Dkiel - img-73.jpg
Dkiel's coop - Dkiel - img-74.jpgDkiel's coop - Dkiel - img-75.jpgDkiel's coop - Dkiel - img-76.jpgDkiel's coop - Dkiel - img-77.jpgDkiel's coop - Dkiel - img-114.jpgDkiel's coop - Dkiel - img-115.jpgDkiel's coop - Dkiel - img-116.jpgDkiel's coop - Dkiel - img-117.jpg
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June 26, 2012


Tried to re-use as much stuff as i could that was laying around the property. ran under ground power to coop for inside and outside lights and electric fence charger to keep critters away.
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July 4, 2012  •  08:11 PM
Can you tell me about the wiring I see around the pen? Also, do you have chicken wire or such along the bottom of the pen? Thanks!!
July 4, 2012  •  11:08 PM
@dominiques. i ran two rows of electric fence wire around the whole thing to keep critters from wanting to clime up or get too close and try to dig. at the run door the wire runs up and over the door then back down. there is no fence on the bottom, just dirt and i put some sand in there now and then when i clean. the run has straw on the ground, they like to dig around in it and makes it easy to clean. the 2"x4" fence i used for the run does go in to the ground about 6". the stand that the coop is on has chicken wire on three sides and is open in the run. they hang out under it for shade. i do let them out to roam but they don't mind staying in either.
July 5, 2012  •  11:34 AM
Great build! How many chickens call it home?
March 31, 2013  •  06:41 PM
NICE Coop. NICE set-up !

I don't have electric-fence wired-up. But, It is available in my shop. Just laying there. I MIGHT do that also.....but BIGGER "Priorities" right now.
( like another Coop !!! I'm needing to separate some breeds. I want to breed my Buff Orpingtons...I really am IMPRESSED with THAT particular Breed of Chickens ! Easy-going...GREAT Layers....Pretty....and they get "broody sometimes....What MORE could I ask ??? )

YOU did a FINE job !!!

Best to YOU !
Bruce ( ReTIRED )