Cattle Panel Hoop Coop

Cattle Panel Hoop Coop - Bee - coop-wings-3-side-2013.jpg
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June 19, 2013


I made this coop from cattle panels and simple materials, total cost was $205. I built this myself in 10 days with just a sawsall, hammer, nails, screws and lots and lots of zip ties. Love the zipties! Easy build, even for someone not used to construction of any kind...I'm just a middle aged woman with minimal skills and found it fun to build.

It's 8 x 10 on a treated lumber base, has two nest boxes and can hold a 20 bird flock of standard breeds. I've used it for free ranging 54 Cornish Cross birds out of and the open air design allowed this to work well.

I can show the entire build to anyone interested in a step by step. The nest boxes are from plastic totes with a little modification with scraps of tongue in groove flooring to provide outside access. Some of the wood on the coop was recycled tomato stakes and the roosts are saplings and old tomato stakes.
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