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Adopted Shed Labour of Love - Jenifer_j - coop1-532.jpg
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August 22, 2012
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New to chickens and first attempt at building. Coop developed from a donated shed. Inside built from scratch. EVERYTHING 's removable so strips to bare shell for cleaning. Currently houses 4 girls who free range during evenings and weekends and stay in run when we are at work. Run started simple but progressed as we worked out what we needed. All top sections open for cleaning . Original run in photo now has additional 'annex' extension below window with covered shade roof and in built dust bath. Base uses decking board, bolted to slabs, with hardwood chip to provide nice ground for the girls.* God knows how much labour we have put into it and a forests worth of wood! (Inside now has shaving on floor and straw in nest boxes obviously) pop hole currently on manual pulley system and in process of being automated. (I have a talented other half when it comes to electrics and programming!).* Not so good bits - inside has loads of crevices but you live and learn - and are extra generous with the Smite powder and liquid! - No problems so far!
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August 22, 2012  •  11:26 AM
Very Nice. thanks, Jen!
August 22, 2012  •  01:05 PM
The ladder is so they can get to the roost? How high is the roost off the ground?
August 22, 2012  •  02:22 PM
Hi bevie
It's only around 2.5 feet to the perch. Can't really see from picture but it's about 10 inches higher than the nest any platform so they tend to just jump onto platform, and then across so don't really use ladder much. Totally underestimated how nimble hens are...or how much poo would be on ladder. Its a nightmare to clean :-)